Campaigns Manager

Full Time (40 hours per week) | Permanent | £30-36k

Who are we?

Small Axe is a not-for-profit with one goal: to create movements that are progressive, hopeful and powerful, to inspire people to act on the most pressing issues of our time. We bring together bold creative, communications and organising to run integrated end-to-end campaigns.

We campaign with humility, integrity and passion for the causes we work on; whether hired by clients, collaborating with partners, or launching our own.

We’re proud that our work has played a crucial role in three General Elections. For Caroline Lucas, winning her 2015 re-election campaign. At the 2017 General Election, we ran the two most effective third-party campaigns against School Cuts and for a Progressive Alliance. In 2019, across three campaigns for the labour movement, pushing education funding to the third top issue behind Brexit and the NHS, and making sure no-one was denied their right to vote with

Right now we’re working on campaigns with Compass, National Education Union, EveryDoctor, Citizens UK, Pembroke House – and more.

We don’t work with corporations, we don’t do CSR and we don’t extract profit from the movement. We’ve been a worker co-operative from the beginning.

We believe in the power of diversity of thought, life experience, opinions, culture and ideas. We don’t pretend to be free from bias and groupthink, but work hard to overcome this.

We’ve all come to Small Axe through different routes, applied and adapted ourselves and our skills to the job. Inspired by people like Saul Alinsky, Ella Baker and Marshall Ganz, obsessed with grassroots campaigners moving mountains and progressive candidates overturning the odds around the world.

We work hard, and sometimes late with a sincere belief that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world. That’s why we’re called Small Axe:

If you are the big tree, Let me tell you that: we are the small axe, Sharpened ready ready to cut you down, (well sharp)

Bob Marley

Who are you?

You’re curious, humble, reflective — with a laser focus on building power, fighting oppression and running campaigns that have impact. 

You’re confident and experienced in our three disciplines: creative, digital and organising — and you excel at never dropping the ball, even when there’s ten of them. 

You’ll go the extra mile, you’re generous with your time and ideas. You’re just as prepared to make the tea as you are to speak to a room full of people, knock on doors, or spend all day at a screen optimising an HTML template. Whatever it takes.

You can go from dreaming and planning big to a conversation about the detail that’ll make those ambitions a reality. 

You’re willing to challenge and be challenged, because you know we’ve all got a lot of learning, growing and changing to do if we are to dismantle the structures that hold us all back.

You can communicate effectively and openly with people of different backgrounds and from across the political spectrum.

In campaigning in the UK representation is poor and for a movement that claims to fight for justice and power for everyone this isn’t good enough. 

Representation is more than just a moral obligation, without it our campaigns are weaker and we can’t win the world we want without everyone at the table. 

We pursue applications from people in underrepresented groups and welcome people to apply who can demonstrate their skills and aptitude even if a traditional career in politics or campaigning has so far been closed off to them.

So perhaps you’ve proven that you can make great content under pressure for a fast-paced creative agency. 

You might have shown that you can negotiate with all sorts of people while juggling multiple jobs or responsibilities. Maybe you waited tables at a busy restaurant, or produced a show or event.

You might have demonstrated your passion for politics by leading a grassroots campaign or organising your workplace or community.

What’s the job?

A Campaigns Manager at Small Axe holds it all together! We’ll be honest, we’re looking for someone exceptional, for whom campaigning is a way of life.

This is a senior role which we expect to be taken up by someone with at least 4 years experience, though this may be not through a traditional route. It is senior to the Creative Campaigner role that we’re also recruiting for. If you are not sure which you are qualified for please decide as best you can, if your application is better suited to the other role we will suggest that to you.

You’ll lead on multiple projects covering diverse issues with a broad range of clients.

You’ll tell memorable stories across a variety of platforms, lead teams to deliver creative stunts and build trusted relationships with grassroots organisers and national organisations.

Every day will be unpredictable, will move fast and be a learning opportunity.

What we expect a Campaign Manager to do:

  • Manage multiple campaigns and projects like a well-oiled machine responsible for contracts, budgets, deadlines and evaluation and everything in between — remaining a stickler for detail throughout
  • Keep your ear to the ground on political developments acting on new campaign opportunities and areas to build relationships, pitching for new ways to build power
  • Craft and execute ambitious campaign strategies appropriate to the resources available, integrating offline and online actions
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with our partners founded on honesty, integrity, adaptability and trust
  • Work closely with the creative team to deliver slick products for digital, print and events
  • Recruit grassroots leaders and spokespeople and amplify their voice
  • Build a strong network of trusted, reliable suppliers 
  • Stay up to date with technological innovations and changes across digital platforms

What does that mean in practise?

Within a week, or even a day, you might find yourself doing the following:

  • Communicating with partners: presenting ideas confidently, pushing back sensitively, advising thoughtfully, pitching for new work proactively
  • Writing persuasive emails: briefing in designs or finding the perfect photo, crafting copy that cuts through the noise, setting up the back end processes of online actions using tools like Action Network and MailChimp
  • Organising parliamentary briefings: building ‘write to your MP’ actions, training volunteers to follow up with politicians, developing the materials that will be presented on the day  
  • Producing a film end to end: writing scripts, finding actors, contracting freelancers, choosing a location, directing, overseeing post production
  • Landing a strong story: thinking of creative ways to get your issue to capture attention, identifying suitable spokespeople, crafting a powerful press release or persuasive pitch, sharing using tools like Meltwater and Front
  • Coordinating stunts & live-streams that cut through: programming an action, driving turn out through email and social media, managing peer-to-peer texting and community organising, developing creative that stops journalists in their tracks, organising photography and videography

What’s it like to work with us?

We’re a tight-knit team mainly based in London. Currently working from home and seeking out new office space in Southwark, London for Spring 2020.

Days often go beyond 9 to 5, but hours are flexible. 

Intense periods of work are re-balanced with TOIL, or rewarded with overtime pay.

This role is permanent and full time (40 hours per week).


  • 35 days annual leave, including bank holidays, it’s up to you which national holidays you take off
  • The ‘office’ is closed to everyone at certain points in the year allowing the whole team to take a break
  • Time and budget for all team members to work on passion projects or pursue training opportunities and experience relevant to their role
  • Wellbeing stipend of £250 per year
  • Team socials and Away Days

Think we’d be a good fit for each other? 

Tell us how and why. Send us your CV and a Cover Letter via our Workable page.

We’re not setting a deadline for this role. If we find the right person, we’ll hire them. 

Any questions, please email