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Labour Together

Labour Together is a network for activists from all traditions of the Labour movement to explore new ideas and thinking on the future of the left.


Our challenge was to engage the breadth of Labour Party members and supporters – whether they have joined the party in the last two years or the last twenty in meaningful political conversation. This project is all about deepening engagement and relationships in the labour movement over short term political wins.

How we did it

We knew from the start of this project that it couldn’t be a viral film which berated everyone for failing to talk to each other. We had to go deeper and come up with a vehicle which would create the space for people to come together and confront their differences.

We produced a creative strategy linked with a scalable organising model to build these conversations. Using a toolkit and thought-starter content to give Labour members the opportunity to host “Round Table” conversations.


We’ve tested the Round Table format with groups of Labour supporters around the country. People have found the conversations unique and inspiring and Labour Together will fully launch the format at Labour Conference this Autumn.

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