Protecting children in war

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Save the Children UK

An interactive campaign that shows UK supporters the horrors of bombing in urban areas and the affect on children.


The use of explosive weapons in urban areas is on the rise globally. The United Nations has stated that it is the largest cause of civilian deaths in today’s conflict areas. Children are paying the heaviest price. They are facing a deadly triple threat – bombs, disease and hunger.

Save the Children wanted to find an innovative and impactful way of raising awareness about this issue. Despite widespread news reports about conflicts in places like Syria and Yemen, most people living in Britain today cannot imagine living under the threat of bombs falling from the sky on a daily basis.

How we did it

Working with our partners Clear Honest Design we created a virtual reality tool and supporting website to highlight the dire consequences of the use of explosive weapons in urban areas – from direct fatalities, to contaminated water, to families torn apart.

The 360 experience allowed viewers to gain a sense of the consequences of modern, urban warfare on children and their families by simulating an aerial attack in a familiar location. From this virtual experience, viewers were asked to sign a petition and eventually convert into one off and regular givers.

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