Making university open to everyone

Born to Be

King’s College London's Widening Participation programme is committed to opening up access to higher education to a wide range of students, regardless of economic and social background.


King’s College London Widening Participation is committed to ensuring all those that should are able to participate in higher education, regardless of background. 

However, there is an under-representation of white working-class boys in higher education institutions.

Research has shown that when children are born 97% of all parents want them to go to university. By age 14, 53% of low-income parents and 81% of high-income parents believe their child will go to university.

How we did it

We conceived, planned and delivered a pilot campaign that gained valuable insights into how higher education institutions could reset parents’ expectations of higher education and get more low-income families interested in attending university. 

Over 5 weeks, we ran a digital only marketing campaign across social media with an engaging website at its core. Parents and students from hard to reach communities were encouraged to sign up to receive a Born to Be Taster Pack. 

Born to Be helped realign parental expectations, highlighting their involvement as being the key to raising application numbers. 


100 families signed up to receive the pack and were taken on a conversion journey that comprised social media, email and SMS.

Through a mix of video, still images, testimonials from graduates and other materials we were able to activate behaviour change and drive parents and families to research higher education, create a home-learning environment and participate in extracurricular activities.