Saving child refugees

Refugees Welcome

Citizens UK launched the Refugees Welcome campaign to force the Government to save the Dubs Scheme - the legal route to the UK for unaccompanied refugee children.


In March 2016, the Dubs Amendment was passed into law offering a new legal route to the UK for unaccompanied refugee children. 

12 months later, the Government announced it was closing the scheme – after transferring only 350 of 3,000 lone children. Closing the scheme would put children at risk of trafficking and exploitation, while staining the UK’s proud tradition of offering sanctuary in times of crisis and conflict.

Having spent the previous five months growing the supporter list of Refugees Welcome, we mobilised tens of thousands of supporters online. We set out a rapid-response campaign offensive to hold the Government to account and win the Dubs Amendment back. 

What we achieved


Petition signatures in 72 hours


Raised from one email


list growth

What we did

  • Deployment of digital organising tools to scale the grassroots effort 
  • Delivery of an integrated supporter journey across email, social and offline 
  • Design of digital and public actions 
  • Creative for digital and print 
  • Fundraising to fuel the campaign


  • Over 50,000 signatures in 72 hours petitioning Theresa May to not abandon the Dubs scheme
  • Petition delivery action with Lord Alf Dubs on fourth day of the campaign 
  • Campaign hashtags trended twice on Twitter 
  • Generated over 56,000 new email sign-ups
  • Organically reached over 350,000 people on social 
  • Raised over £60,000 with one email