Small Change, Big Difference

London Waste and Recycling Board

Helping Londoners make small changes to how they eat, shop and recycle to lead better, healthier, more sustainable lives. 


To create content that would ‘stick’ with our audiences, resulting in long-term behaviour change.

We created innovative messages that encouraged our audiences to share content with their friends and peers.

To achieve these goals, we created engaging, fun and beautiful content that gave Londoners quick and easy tips to reduce food waste, eat more sustainably and recycle their food waste.

How we did it

We used a mix of content (graphics, animations, video, gifs, polls) as well as influencer generated content to reach a broad range of audiences within a tight geographical area.

Focusing on a ‘social proofing’ effect allowed us to activate behaviour change, and gain organic reach among our audience, working alongside a paid advertising plan.

Influencers were invited to create compelling content that would appeal to their own audiences as well as delivering the Small Change, Big Difference message.



Engagement rate


New followers




  • Grew the social media community from 0 to 7,000+
  • Created video content that generated over 1m views
  • Achieved average engagement rate of 8.8% on Instagram
  • Engaged with 25+ influencers reaching 760,000+ users across Instagram