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Snap General Election 2017

When the UK Prime Minister called a snap election in April 2017, we helped roll out two major progressive campaigns and mobilised thousands of people in the lead up to polling day.

Stop School Cuts

The National Education Union launched their then School Cuts campaign in November 2016 to reveal the devastating effects of the Government’s school funding plans.

Three weeks out from polling day for the General Election, the NEU wanted to capitalise on the moment and reach swing voters in marginal constituencies. They had already built in partnership with Outlandish and wanted to build on the campaign and get as many parents to the site as possible.

In partnership with Outlandish, we helped to amplify the messaging about the school funding emergency through targeted Facebook ads and an explainer video featuring interviews with headteachers who brought the urgency of the crisis to life.


By polling day we had reached 3,180,321 people across the country. Our explainer video was shared a total of 88,000 times and was viewed by more than 4.6M people.

A post election poll from Britain’s most accurate pollster, Survation, found 10.4% of voters changed their mind about who to vote for due to school funding policy, the equivalent of 750,000 people switching their vote.

Progressive Alliance

At the 2017 General Election, the Progressive Alliance was an idea starting to gain traction but had no physical presence.

In just three days we created a visual identity and a tactical voting tool for the campaign to take off. The ‘Vote Smart’ tool launched in April 2017 giving voters a way to find out how to tactically in their constituency.

Working in concert with a team of technologists, data scientists, filmmakers and volunteer organisers, we built a national movement that led the way in progressive collaboration and targeted thousands of tactical voters in key constituencies around the country.

Our email strategy mobilised thousands of donors in just a few days, raising £200,000 to fund the campaign. Using a combination of digital and traditional tactics, we recruited hundreds of volunteers and built an email list from scratch.

Together we won 22 of 31 target seats target seats and ended the Conservative’s Parliamentary majority.




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