Connecting communities through repair

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Repair Week 2022

Encouraging Londoners to repair more and waste less. And connecting communities through the joy of repair.

The challenge:

The London Boroughs’ Repair Week aims to encourage and promote repairing everything from household items to clothing over throwing them away. 

But repair can be a difficult new skill to acquire. It can be inaccessible to so many. 

That’s why since the inaugural Repair Week in 2020, we’ve worked hard to prioritise giving repair a face, a name and importantly - a story. 

One that connects Londoners with their local community repair heroes and helps shift hearts and minds through shared values. 

How we did it: 

We built relationships with Local Repair Heroes across London with deep connections to their communities. 

We spoke to them about why they care about repairing tech, mending clothes, fixing up bikes. And then we put their stories - in their own words - front and centre of social content.

We combined strong storytelling with photography and video to show the people who are sharing their skills across London to get people repairing more and wasting less.


Local repairs heroes shaped and led over 30 workshops throughout the week for people new to repairing. 

By putting heroes at the forefront of the campaign, we’re continuing to set the stage for a repair movement to build across London which connects communities and helps the environment. 

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