Putting real people’s stories at the heart of the countryside

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When we think of countryside charities we think of rolling hills and images of beautiful landscapes. But that’s just one part of the countryside. With CPRE we were proud to tell the stories of the people who make the countryside what it is, through their eyes and their experiences.

The challenge:

Bringing to life a brand awareness campaign that gets to the heart of CPRE’s values and story. 

We came to this challenge with a strong sense that ordinary people and their stories are already shaping the countryside they live in. In everyday life, people in rural areas are taking action. 

And importantly they are of all ages, they come from different backgrounds - there is diversity in rural England. 

We wanted to tell the story of CPRE by putting real people at the core of storytelling about the countryside. 

How we did it:

We thought deeply about what types of stories we wanted to tell and the spokespeople who’d be best placed to speak to their experiences of the countryside. 

We built strong relationships with two spokespeople, spending several months getting to know them, learning about their story and ultimately centering them in original high-value films and photo stories.


From online to offline mobilisation, we helped set the ground for CPRE to use storytelling throughout their campaigns to get to the heart of the shared values that unite people across the countryside - and get them to act together on the issues that matter most. 

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