We accelerate projects that we believe in. We scale them up and set them free.

In 2019 Small Axe began a long-term partnership with Dr. Julia Patterson to develop, build and launch EveryDoctor. EveryDoctor is a membership organisation that fights for a National Health Service where every patient is safe and every doctor’s wellbeing matters.

In 2016, Small Axe launched We Can Win - a movement that puts people at the heart of politics. We Can Win combines the skills of community organising with the technology and communications of the future, to empower people to take the political process into their own hands.

In 2015 we accelerated a team of technologists in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This year, DXDY went fully independent. They specialise in organisational websites, mobile applications, migrations, data warehousing and system integrations. We continue to collaborate.

Things we want to work on

The left won't build itself. Here are some of the projects or institutions that consume our pub-chats and have grown into ideas that we're looking to take forwards. If you're interested in partnering with us on any of these let us know.

Freelancers Union

There are more freelance workers than ever, but they aren't represented and they definitely aren't unionised. It's so important that we change this. We need to build the collective power of these often siloed workers.

Campaign Incubator

There are some great training programmes for new campaigners with a passion for a cause. But how do you take that idea and make it a reality? The avenues aren't clear. We want to take the ad-hoc work we've done so far and scale it. Can we partner with campaigners to build 2 or 3 strong campaigns every year?

Universal Basic Income

The future is going to be automated and in the face of the excessive wealth and income gap that has grown over decades we need to change course. We are working with Compass to shift the debate on this important issue.