Rebranding a movement of 4 million workers

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Labour Unions

Representing the 12 trade unions that are part of the Labour Party, Labour Unions brings together the voices of 4 million workers. They campaign for a Labour Government that will transform the lives of working people for the better.

The challenge

The Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation was setup in 1994 to manage the link between the affiliated trade union movement, representing 4 million workers and the Labour Party.

Until 2019 they campaigned as Unions Together but in the context of the now half-a-million strong membership of the Labour Party – are looking to bring the whole movement together and educate new members on the historic trade union link.

How we did it

With a small budget we were able to rebrand the organisation to Labour Unions. The new name being much clearer as to the purpose and values of the organisation. Our new visual language evokes the proud tradition of the socialist design while maintaining a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.

Our launch film builds on that story of trade unionism and communicates the importance of this vital connection with working people.

The website was designed and built by our friends at Outlandish

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