About Us

We move people to act on the most pressing issues of our time.

We run integrated campaigns that win change.

We bring together three key disciplines to build movements and deliver campaigns.

  1. Organising
  2. Creative
  3. Digital

Underpinning all three is good strategy. For us strategic thinking is a constant process, it doesn’t just happen once at the start of the campaign.

Working principles

  1. Practical, creative strategyDocumentation is where strategy goes to die. The process of refinement and adjustment happens inevitably in the heat of the campaign. Strategic and creative thinking is a constant part of our process, not as theories but realised with practical prototypes that can be validated with human interaction and held accountable to results.
  2. IntegrationWe use any tools we can lay our hands on to build the power to make change happen. We work hard to foster a multidisciplinary working culture, this gives us an ability to stay open and take advantage of chaos and complexity in campaigns.
  3. CollaborationWe keep projects on track using Agile project management techniques, continuous communication and we “release” ideas early. We know that building strong working relationships delivers better results.
  4. FlexibleWe don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with you to assess the options and help you make the right decision. We want our clients to be effective change-makers. This can only happen if we give upfront advice, even when that might be difficult to hear.

A strong machine

We focus on three strands which make our campaigning machine strong:

  1. CultureThis is our lifeblood, it’s how our values come to life. We hire people who believe deeply in the causes we’re working for and who recognise the need for systemic change. We recognise how important it is that our team loves the day-to-day of campaign work, to be good at what you do you have to love it, to constantly grow our ambition and get satisfaction from doing a good job.
  2. ToolsToo much process kills campaigns. Instead we focus on tools for strategy and campaign delivery that we lean on to help us get things done efficiently. From agile methodology to our campaign strategy templates this toolset is what keeps our team on track.
  3. Network
    We are a handful of people in London, we can’t tackle the world’s problems solo. Our network means we can lean on excellent developers, film-makers and photographers to produce campaign content and build infrastructure. It means we rely on trusted partners and collaborate with politicians, think-tanks and others to build campaign success – we take this approach into the campaigns we build.

Who we work with

We partner with courageous causes to build a better future for everyone. We don’t work with corporations, we don’t do CSR and we don’t extract profit from non-profits.