About Us

We move people to act on the most pressing issues of our time.

We have a team of 12 and a network of fantastic collaborators.

Together we have proved time and again that when we set our minds to it, there’s just about nothing we can’t achieve.

Everyone on our team is here because they want to work for change, not profit. That’s why we’ve been a cooperative from day 1.

Our members decide who leads our organisation, together we set priorities and draw ethical lines. We believe in leadership so we’re not 100% flat – but we believe that leaders should be challenged and replaced from time to time by the people they lead.

Jana Mills (he/him)

Executive Director

Looking at the world as it is and the opportunities for my children slipping away, I want to change it. To change it, we need a progressive movement that’s working effectively and working at Small Axe lets me contribute towards that goal.

Dana Airapetjana (she/her)

Campaigns Director

I come to work every day because of a productive anger at the world as it is. But also a desire to be a part of the engine that changes it. Being part of Small Axe is being part of an empathetic, critical and talented team that feels the same way and helps me be a better ally.

Damiaan Melis (he/him)

Senior Designer

Every day I get to create ambitious brands and creative communications for progressive social causes and people-powered movements. My work at Small Axe lets me build the infrastructure to empower a new generation of progressive grassroots political leaders.

Rosalba Ellis (she/her)

Senior Designer

I believe that design can – and perhaps should – be used as a force for good, and I am driven by creating work that has a direct and measurable impact. I am lucky to work in a unique environment where design and campaigning are highly integrated, with the two constantly informing and pushing each other to create the most powerful and successful campaigns and movements.

Neha D'Souza (she/her)

Campaigns Director

The world we live in is in need of a radical overhaul. From the climate crisis to racial inequality, the challenges we face demand bold new ways of thinking. At Small Axe I’m proud to be a part of an exceptional team, working on campaigns to reverse school funding cuts and fix the NHS. I won’t stop hustling until we build a fairer society for us all.

Radhika Patel (she/her)

Movement Building & Operations Manager

From the people around me to the books on my shelf, stories have shaped my political understanding. So I’m proud to be part of a creative and strategic team that gives agency to the stories that matter – those that shift the status quo and challenge power head on.

Paris Daniel (she/her)

Junior Designer

I want to use my time at Small Axe to help however I can, it's a great opportunity to create design work that is made to have a positive impact and to make real changes in current world issues.

Sophie Cornish-Keefe (she/her)

Operations Coordinator

As an artist and a creative changemaker, I have always been interested in interventions which bridge divides and question expectations. Central to what inspires me about our work across elections, campaigning, fundraising, design and movement building, is a steadfast human-centred approach that puts people and communities at the heart of what we do.

Katya Raffensperger (she/her)

Creative Campaigner

I am passionate about building sustainable movements that bring about lasting and transformative change on issues ranging from climate to workers' rights to democracy. I'm proud part of a team that brings a creative, innovative and adaptive problem-solving mindset to every challenge.

Lily Jamaludin (she/her)

Campaigns Manager

We all have power and a role to play in creating a world that values justice, safety, care, and liberation. At Small Axe, I am lucky to be part of a team that helps all parts of society find a way to contribute: from children to adults, activists to chefs, healthcare workers to designers. Every person matters, as does every act.

Bareia Ahmad (she/her)

Junior Designer and Content Producer

I believe in utilising the powerful tool of design for visual storytelling to move people's hearts and minds to act on the most pressing issues we face by aiding them in imagining a better world yet to be here. I'm lucky to work as part of a team that genuinely understands the integral role of creativity in creating effective campaigns.

Anna Carey (she/her)

Creative Producer

I have always been interested in telling stories that matter. I believe in the power of creative content to connect and mobilise for change, and I am passionate about bringing creative solutions alive that stir people to action. I am excited to be working with an organisation dedicated to driving these stories to the forefront of society.

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We’re always on the lookout for passionate people with a drive to change the status quo. You can find our latest vacancies here:

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Who we work with

We partner with courageous causes to build a better future for everyone. We don’t work with corporations, we don’t do CSR and we don’t extract profit from non-profits.